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Friday video fun: Hansen on 60 Minutes

No, I'm not talking about those lovable blonde brothers and their saccharine pop trio, Hanson. I'm talking about James Hansen, who runs the Goddard Institute for Space Studies, and is one of the foremost experts on global warming in the world. With all the talk about those douche bags at the White House censoring Senate testimony on global warming by the CDC director this week, I thought it was worth revisiting this 60 Minutes piece from last year. It shows how those same douche bags at the White House censored research and statements by Hansen on the reality of global warming. Here's a choice quote from the piece:

Pelley: Hansen says that his research shows man has just 10 years to begin to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or global warming will reach what he calls a tipping point and will become unstoppable. He says the White House is blocking that message.

Hansen: In my more than 3 decades in the government, I've never witnessed such restrictions on the ability of scientists to communicate with the public.

And here's your Friday video fun:

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