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Mitch McConnell is a liar, and his pants are on fire

Mitch McConnell (R-KY), the Republican Minority Leader in the Senate, has stepped in it this time.

Remember the S-CHIP bill that passed the Senate and House with substantial majorities? The one that the monkey in the White House vetoed, even though 8 out of 10 Americans support its passage? When Democrats and other concerned Americans started their efforts to override the veto in the House, and Republicans realized they couldn't win the argument on its merits, they went straight for character assassination. Not on fellow politicians, but the family the Democrats highlighted as one that benefits from the S-CHIP program. And Senator McConnell took the lead, though he repeatedly denied his office had anything to do with the smear campaign. Turns out he's a liar. And a Kentucky paper - the Courier-Journal in Louisville - is calling him out for it. Here's an excerpt from today's op-ed section:

Sen. McConnell was deliberately untruthful the next day, when he told WHAS-TV's Mark Hebert, "There was no involvement whatsoever." The senator will object to any suggestion of lying, but what else is it when you knowingly misrepresent facts?

It's clear what Mitch McConnell knew and when he knew it. It's clear he deceived the public when he answered Mr. Hebert as he did about the e-mail sent by his press agent.

Mr. McConnell is so used to Washington-style gamesmanship and inside-the-beltway rules that he has forgotten what constituents back in Kentucky want: the simple truth.

What a colostomy bag that guy is. I hope the people of Kentucky boot him out of office in the 2008 election. He's certainly laying the groundwork himself. Ditch Mitch!

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