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More alleged civilian deaths by private security contractors

This time, it's two Armenian Orthodox Christian women in a white Oldsmobile who didn't heed a "warning shot" from a security contractor. A Washington Post article quotes an Iraqi police officer:

"A vehicle got close to them and they opened fire on it randomly as if they were in the middle of a confrontation. You won't find a head. The brain is scattered on the ground," said Ahmed Kadhim Hussein, a policeman at the scene. "I am shaking as I am trying to describe to you what happened. We are not able to eat. These were innocent people. Is it so natural for them to shoot innocent people?"

Another profoundly troubling legacy of the Bush administration will be the outsourcing of government responsibilities to outside, unaccountable private corporations, who work in the interest of the company's owners, not in the public interest. As the federal government is supposed to do.

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