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More suggesting Gore might win Nobel

We recently noted that Christopher Hitchens thinks Gore will win the Nobel next week. More folks (did I just say "folks"?) are thinking the same thing:

"I think [Gore and Canadian Inuit activist Sheila Watt-Cloutier] are likely winners this year," said Stein Toennesson, director of Oslo's International Peace Research Institute (PRIO) and a long-time Nobel Peace Prize watcher.

"It will certainly be tempting to the (Nobel) committee to have two North Americans -- one the activist that personifies the struggle against climate change, raising awareness, and the other who represents some of the victims of climate change."

Jan Egeland, head of the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, agreed the award committee could establish the link between peace and the environment.

"I think the whole issue of climate change and the environment will come at some point and reflect in the prize," Egeland told reporters last week.

"There are already climate wars unfolding ... And the worst area for that is the Sahel belt in Africa."

If it does happen, it will be fun to watch all the neoconservative troglodytes trip all over themselves condemning the award. They probably don't care too much for the concept of the Nobel Peace Prize anyway - it stinks of pinko communism! I mean, why don't we have a Nobel War Prize, anyway? It's just unfair...



Your use of the word "folks" is demeaning to bumpkins and waterheads.

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