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Neil Young driving his "Linc-Volt" to Detroit

In a New York Times piece on his new record, Chrome Dreams II, Neil introduces his plan to drive his custom hybrid car across the country:

The car is a 1959 Lincoln Continental Mark IV, a 19-foot, two-ton behemoth. It was a commercial flop in the year of the massive tail fin, and in its original configuration the car is an ecological disaster, guzzling gas and leaving giant black exhaust spots on the ground as it starts up. That's the Linc part. Volt is because Mr. Young is converting the car to battery power, with a biodiesel engine for backup, and he plans to drive it to its birthplace in Detroit to demonstrate the viability of electric cars. He's making a movie about the trip. The film, "is so different from everything that I've ever done," he said. "It's totally positive."

According to the article, the car will get about 100 MPG. Neil's still blazing trails...

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