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Rudy Goes Fusion!

It's showing up all over the place, so why not post the video clip were Rudy denies (sort of) being a Republican? In 1996, Rudy Giuliani was interviewed by Charlie Rose. In that interview, he tries to explain how he's a "different" kind of politician and that he was more of a "fusion" candidate. Yes, he said "fusion."

"I'm a republican mayor, but really I'm not, I'm the mayor of New York City...I ran as a Republican, I ran as a liberal, which really confused people, and I ran as an Independent..."

Now, I actually like the sentiment. I like the idea of a guy who can go his own way and has a commitment to his values over his party. Having not lived in New York during his tenure, I don't know how successful he was in that venture. But I am pretty sure there are some Republican primary voters who would take that sort of talk as near blasphemy. We'll see how it plays in their circles.



Rudy will have a very tough time with the base but if he somehow squeaks through, he could take on The Anointed One.

I like that fusion thing too. Never ceases to amaze how people with an independent cast of mind get ridiculed for it in the national spotlight.

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