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SEIU Disses Edwards

This is cold. The Service Employees International Union, a fast growing service workers union that has long been lovey with Democratic Presidential candidate John Edwards, decided against endorsing anyone in the race to the White House—at least for now.

Edwards has been busting ass to get the endorsement of the 1.9 million member organization since he lost the 2004 VP race to the virulently anti-union Bush-Cheney ticket. He has walked picket lines with the SEIU, spoken at their events, and even jumped at the chance to participate in their "Walk a Mile in Our Shoes" challenge in which legislators were invited to shadow a SEIU member in their regular work day. None of which was enough for the third-place contender to seal the deal.

"Any one of these candidates would help create a new American dream for workers and their families," said SEIU secretary-treasurer Anna Burger.

In other words: We like you as a friend, John.



Makes sense to me. Why back a losing horse? Edwards is the third tier candidate, and Clinton is way out ahead - at least in the latest polls. Plus, Edwards lives in a 28,000 square foot home. That's not very rank and file... And a four hundred dollar haircut?

What would be cool is if Edwards drops out before the Iowa Caucus, and most of those voters shift to Obama... I know, it's not going to happen. But it would be sweet...

Third place horses have been known to surge...

True... and I like this quote from Edwards: "I lived through the inevitability of Howard Dean." Still, I wish he'd get out of the way so Obama could win Iowa.

I predict MUCH higher numbers for Obama when the polls close. I think there's some supporters out there who are parroting Hillary's inevitability story but will vote for Barack Obama when the time comes. I hear whispers of it.

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