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Tell Your Rep to Say No to Telecom Immunity

EFF: Tell Your Representative to Say No to Telecom Immunity

This past Wednesday, the Administration's allies resorted to procedural gimmicks and fear-mongering to prevent the House from voting on the RESTORE Act, which would significantly repair much of the damage done to civil liberties by the so-called "Protect America Act," and would refuse to grant immunity to phone companies that assisted the NSA in spying on ordinary Americans. RESTORE isn't perfect, but it's a good start.

We're expecting the RESTORE Act to come back to the floor any day now, and are again expecting strong resistance from the Administration. So call on your Representative now to oppose parliamentary obstructionism that is intended to scuttle a vote on the RESTORE Act or slip telecom immunity into the bill at the last minute.

It's time for the House to vote on RESTORE and say no to telecom immunity.

Do it. Chicago Northsiders: Rahm Emanuel's number is (202) 225-4061.



Right on, Jake. Efforts by the White House, Republican Senators, and Democratic Senators (that monkey Rockefeller) to grant retroactive immunity to the telecoms shows how deep in bed the entire Congress is with industry. We have got to get away from privately funded campaigns and move to publicly funded campaigns. It's the only way to reduce the inordinate influence private interests are having over the public interest. Plus, if we can't sue the telecoms on this, we'll never know how truly nefarious the Bush White House is. Those bastards were trying to get this type of power before 9/11. Why do they hate America so much?

PS - Not only did I call my Congressman to urge him to support the RESTORE act and its no immunity for telecoms provision, I called my Senators to urge them to not support any bill that comes out of Judiciary that provides retroactive immunity, and if it does, that they should support the hold Chris Dodd vowed to put on the bill, and any filibustering necessary to kill the retroactive immunity provision.

Of course, you only ask for immunity when you know you've broken the law. Prosecutors offer immunity, not to forgive crimes, but to entice defendents to talk about their superiors or acomplices. This isn't a situation like that. This is asking for forgivness after a breach of the American trust, which I am not willing to do.

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