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Thompson Stumbles Out the Gate

When Fred Thompson spent his summer tickling the asses of conservatives begging for a savior for the Republican presidential field, most politicos figured he'd come out of the gate with some impressive campaign dollars that would make up for the lost time everyone else had organizing on the ground. Sure, there were a few out there who saw the money crunch Thompson was facing, but by and large it was a given that the Man from Tennessee (oh, and HOLLYWOOD) would blow the competition out of the water with some fundraising prowess.

Well, the numbers are in and it looks like Fred's dead.

Thompson raised $8 million in the last quarter. Not too shabby, you might say, especially compared to John McCain's $5 million (bogged down by $2 million of debt ) raised this quarter.

But compare that to any of the other non-zombie candidates' first quarter numbers and you get a stark realization of how weak that showing is. Clinton, Obama, and Romney all raised over $20 million in their first quarter of reporting. Giuliani raised $15 and $17 million in each of the first two quarters. John Edwards bagged $14 million.

...and Obama's STILL pulling mad cash.

The biggest criticism dogging Thompson is that he's lazy. If he can't even bother to raise the money he needs to stay in the game, can he really be considered the savior of conservative politics in America?

UPDATE: Stop the presses! Some accounts have Thompson reporting upwards of $11 million for this quarter from some 70,000 donors. That does change things a bit. It's not quite on par with what some of these other folks are raising, but it does point to a strong, if small, undercurrent of support. He may be able to stuff that empty suit with money afterall. Stay tuned.



The only thing Thompson is good at ... and that's debatable... is acting. But isn't that just politics in general? It's not a war, it's a fucking movie. There are bad guys. There are good guys. There are well-intentioned guys. It's a stage. It's an act.

And while it affects our lives, it does not affect their lives. They go on with impunity, mostly. Nixon is revereved, regardless of his guilt in one of the most underhanded, nasty and just plain wrong administrations we've ever seen.

So how will history view Bush? How many ex-presidents will show up to his funeral? And how many idiots will morn the death of, let's say it, a despot... my guess is it'll be a full house.

Thompson, Hitler, Regan, Bush, Mussolini, Franco, whatever. It's all the same old bullshit. Buy my line, be my bitch... a never ending cha-cha straight to hell on earth.

And we continue to be a part of it. I demand a non-of-the-above on the ticket.

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