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Turning $300 into $8,000

Remember way back in the early days of the Bush administration when we all got a check for $300? Man, that was awesome. I spent mine on credit card bills and a great night of cheap beer.

But that was then and this is now and the reported cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is likely to cost each and every one of you a lot more than that piddly check you got from the Commander in Chief.. In fact it's nearly $8,000 per man, woman and child in the country, according to a Congressional Budget Office estimate.

VIA ThinkProgress



That's funny, Phil. You know what I spent my $300 tax "reimbursement" on? I hired an illegal Mexican immigrant to paste "I love Islamic terrorists" stickers on Hummers and other gas guzzling vehicles. Or was it a "I'll have sex with you for gas money" sticker? I get them confused...

Good thing we've got those Bush tax cuts for the wealthy. All our money problems are solved now! War is free!

So, I guess you CAN put a price on freedom and democracy...

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