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"We just want Jews to be perfected, as they say"

The best thing to do with people like Ann Coulter is to ignore them and not give them any credibility by repeating the ignorant blather that they projectile vomit over the airwaves. But sometimes, these comments are just too rich to ignore.

Take her recent assertion on The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch that the U.S. would be a better place if everyone was a Christian, and that "we just want Jews to be perfected, as they say." Now, this woman has said a lot of hateful things in her day, and has made a lot of money doing it. But to me, this is the most chilling statement I've heard from her. And I wonder how many Republicans agree with her? Who is she referring to when she says "as they say"? Skinheads? They want Jews to be perfected, but not in the way she is trying to imply; theirs is a more "ethnic cleansing" kind of perfection.

There's a lot of support for a belligerent Israel on the Christian right, but from what I read, it has as much to do with their obsession with "end times" and Revelations as it does with the fact that they actually care about Judaism, Jews, and the future of Israel. I wonder if they take the view that Jews just need to be "perfected"?

Anyway, I wonder if we'll see a condemnation of her statements by the Anti-Defamation League or other hate watchdog groups. If the ADL's response to other hate speech from the right is any indication, probably not. I sure hope so, though. Coulter's statements deserve condemnation from all sides of the political and religious spectrum - the intellectually and morally honest ones, at least. People like John McCain are probably nodding silently in agreement with Coulter.



Heil Coulter.

As a woman, I rarely, if ever, use the C-word, and I don't mean cocktail waitress or coochie-mama. Cunt. She's a cunt.

She hasn't been getting that much attention lately. So surprise, surprise... time for a little hymie-bating.

She's beneath contempt.

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