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Wounded Vet Calls Limbaugh Out

Exposing fathead as the pussy he is, a wounded Iraq war veteran tells Rush Limbaugh, "until you have the guts to call me a phony solider to my face, stop telling lies about my service." The gall of these chickenhawks who question the service of military personnel who are against the war is astonishing. Go smoke another Oxycotin-laced stogie, Rush...

Via ThinkProgress



great video!
wishing you had used "coward" instead of the p-word though.
it's not a boys locker room in here, is it?

Locker room? No. Have you ever been in a boys locker room? It smells awful. A locker room in a grown-up health club might be worse though as men from a certain generation seem to have no problem hanging around with their bits and pieces on display. Seriosuly, it's weird. I'm not particularly shy but I am not having full conversations with my ding dong all loud and proud.

But to your point: I like the word pussy. I like calling out chickenhawks who blow a lot of hot air about war and guts and honor but when the time came for them to serve they lined up a string of deferments. Pussy is a word that cuts them deeply. Coward is a bit too academic for this lot. These guys are the dudes talking shit at the bar when they're with their toughest friends but then running for the back door when the shit goes down. Rush Limbaugh is a pussy--and that has nothing to do with anatomy.

Oh Puh-lease.

In this post, "pussy" for coward---in the Taibbi post, "balls out" for gutsy??
It reeks of freaking dirty gym socks and Axe body spray in here!

I don't think Rush is reading your missives.
But if the real readers cringe, it detracts from your message. The question to ask is, do you mind if some new folks don't venture back for a second look? Isn't the goal of the blog a larger audience?

I adore your passion for these topics. I agree that Rush is a coward, and I think that's the stronger word.
Pussy, to me, sounds adolescent.

I'm just pointing out that the stogey stench in this little boys club gets a bit thick at times, that's all.

I gotta say, Phil, I'm in agreement with Heather here [full disclosure - she's my wife]. I don't think using words like "pussy," "boobies," and "homo" does much to help support the positions and arguments we make on this blog. In fact, I think they take away from the messages we are trying to deliver here. They make us sound juvenile. And, I think "coward" is a much more powerful word than "pussy." Coward has one distinct meaning and interpretation, and has been a part of the American lexicon since before the Revolution. It carries weight. "Pussy" distracts.

Oh well. It's how I write. Take it or leave it.

You will both shortly be receiving the Glorious Noise Manual of Style and Usage. Let's keep the shoptalk offline.

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