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Calling Out the "Law and Order" Party

Salon has an excellent piece running today on the hypocrisy of the GOP, which used to run on a law and order platform, for not holding their own president accountable to US and international law. Have these guys put party loyalty above what's right for their country?

Money quote:

There was a time when a president could not break the law or ignore a summons from Congress with impunity. Indeed, by the height of Richard Nixon's Watergate scandal, a number of congressmen -- including Republicans staunchly loyal to their party -- acted to uphold the law and make Nixon accountable.

Of course, Nixon looks like a pot smoking yippie next to Bush, which is all the more reason to hold this fucker accountable. Any bets on whether this lot has the balls to do it?



If Democrats and their leadership can't muster up the courage to pursue impeachment - which Pelosi has declared numerous times is "off the table" and Reid has called support for impeachment "foolish" - you can damn well bet Republicans won't lift a finger to help take down this president. Generally, Republicans don't have principles. Only lust for power.

"Generally, Republicans don't have principles. Only lust for power."

That's just as silly as saying generally, Democrats don't support the troops.

No, it's not.

Yes it is, you pussy.

Nice, Phil. You're a scholar and a gentleman. And a douchebag.

Who loves you, baby?

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