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Clinton Caught with Planted Questions

Everybody knows that Hillary Clinton's biggest perceived weakness is the perception that she's an inauthentic politician who panders to polls and parses her words to allow for maximum wiggle room. Her Democratic rivals beat her up over it in last week's debate and tchochke vendors are making a fortune selling "Slick Hillary" pins to Republican yucks from here to Des Moines. So what on earth would compel her to stage a Town Hall event with questions planted by her campaign staff?

What's sure to be fodder for the GOP for months to come has made for some immediate mud for her Democratic colleagues to sling in the weeks leading up to the Iowa Caucus. John Edwards came out fast and hard with, "What George Bush does is plant questions and exclude people from events, and I don't think that's what Democrats want to see in Iowa."

Clinton says it won't happen again. "It was news to me, she said Sunday, according to the Times, "and neither I nor my campaign approve of that, and it will certainly not be tolerated." If it wasn't her campaign who planted the questions, then who?

What's next, loyalty oaths?

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