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Clinton Picks Up AFSCME Nod

The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees endorsed Hillary Clinton for president this week. AFSCME's endorsement is an even bigger prize since the national SEIU declined to endorse any candidate last month, chapping the ass of John Edwards.

Clinton accepted the endorsement at a Washington meeting on Wednesday. Busting out a pair of red boxing gloves, Clinton told the audience, "when it comes to fighting for America's families, I'll go 10 rounds with anybody." That's...um...clever.

Edwards is not discouraged though and accepted the official backing of the Service Employee's International Union's Granite State chapter. He won the endorsement in a close vote over Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois. Edwards has already been endorsed by the union's Iowa chapter.

Not sure what AFSCME does? Watch this PSA from the 70s. No, seriously...watch it. You won't be sorry.



That is the best union ad I have ever seen! Absolutely brilliant. The voice over must be new, though, right? Sounds like the Jerky Brothers, or whoever those guys were from the 90s.

The description in the link says it was an outtake done by the original voice over man. I guess he did it for kicks and this had been laying around the offices for years. Now, thanks to the miracle of YouTube, we can all enjoy it!

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