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Drew Carey: America's most lovable pothead

Drew Carey is doing a series of public service messages on Reason.tv. It's called the Drew Carey Project. Episode 2 is all about medical marijuana. Best line? "Smell that smell? That's the smell of freedom." I bet you can guess what he's smelling...



Wonder how this will jibe with the "Price Is Right" crowd? You don't see a lot of dope smokers in the Showcase Showdown.

Um no, but they make up a solid 83% of the show's viewership.

Oh yes you do! If all those contestents weren't so stinking high, they'd be able to remember the prices of everything and the Price is Right would go broke.

They need something now that they don't have Rod Roddy and his technicolor dreamcoat to distract the contestants trying to figure out the sticker price of an ATV, Waverunner, and a Camper.

I thought Woody Harrelson was america's favorite pot head, or Chong? anyway, episode 1 was on the transport system in L.A., it's good watch, Carey is wicked cool libertarian.

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