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North Dakota farmers and DEA in court on Hemp

As we've discussed before, two farmers in North Dakota - State Rep. David Monson of Osnabrock, ND and Wayne Hauge of Ray, ND - are trying to get a license from the DEA to grow industrial hemp. The State legislature has already passed a law allowing hemp cultivation (excellent time line here).

This CNN article provides some more detail:

North Dakota farmers Wayne Hauge and Dave Monson say comparing industrial hemp to marijuana is like comparing pop guns and M-16s. They've successfully petitioned the state Legislature -- of which Monson is a member -- to authorize the farming of industrial hemp.

They've applied for federal permits and submitted a collective $5,733 in nonrefundable fees, to no avail, so they're suing the DEA.

North Dakota is one of seven states to OK hemp production or research. California would have made eight until Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger last week [Oct. 11] vetoed the California Industrial Hemp Farming Act[.]

The farmers will be seeing the DEA in court this upcoming week, on Wednesday, Nov 14th. Oral arguments begin at 10:00 am CST at the William L. Guy Federal Building in Bismark, ND.

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