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Good news: Howard out in Australia

Good news for people who care about the future of the planet: John Howard is no longer Prime Minister in Australia. Labor is in, and the Liberal Party is out. Kevin Rudd, the new Prime Minister, promised to take global warming seriously and engage with the rest of the world to tackle it. From an AP article:

[O]ne of the biggest changes will be in Australia's approach to climate change. Rudd has nominated the issue as his top priority, and promises to immediately sign the Kyoto Protocol on greenhouse gas emissions.

When he does so, the United States will stand alone as the only industrialized country not to have signed the pact.

The U.S. will be the only industrialized country to not sign Kyoto. Along with Iraq, this is the most damaging part of the Bush legacy - no engagement on global warming for 8 years.

Something else cool about the new Rudd administration in Australia - Peter Garrett, former lead singer of Midnight Oil. Garret became a member of Parliament in 2004, and was appointed "Shadow Minister for Climate Change, Environment & Heritage, Arts" in 2006.

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