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Jefferson Jackson Dinner: Obama turning point?

The Jefferson Jackson Dinner is a big deal in Iowa presidential politics. With thousands of active party supporters there, each candidate gives a speech. it can make or break candidates. According to David Yepsen at the Des Moines Register, Obama came out on top in last night's speechifying:

It was one of the best of his campaign. The passion he showed should help him close the gap on Hillary Clinton by tipping some undecided caucus-goers his way. His oratory was moving and he successfully contrasted himself with the others - especially Clinton - without being snide or nasty about it. [...]

Obama was particularly impressive Saturday night. Should he win the Iowa caucuses, Saturday's dinner will be remembered as one of the turning points in his campaign in here, a point where he laid down the marker and began closing on Clinton, the national frontrunner.

Watch the video. It's worth your time:

Obama was on Meet the Press this morning as well.



This post is absolutely right on. The dinner is a big deal for anyone who dabbles in politics here and Obama's performance was good enough to secure my support for him in the caucus.

Worpswede: Glad to hear you're firmly in the Obama camp. As someone in Iowa, are you seeing a ripple of new support for Obama after JJ? Besides you, of course :-). Of all the candidates, he has the best chance to push real change once in office. And we desperately need change...

A little bit. It will be tight between him and Hillary on Jan 3. Edwards just seems to be going negative in a desparate attempt to remain in the top 3.

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