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Potheads for Paul?

Here's another reason some young people see something they like in Ron Paul's candidacy. From the Boston Globe:

And at a time when the Iraq war has made an interventionist foreign policy deeply suspect, he is pushing a hands-off approach - trade and talk, but no dictating or meddling - as a return to what the founders favored.

The Texas congressman is also sounding generational themes. The way things are going with deficit spending and the future funding gap for Social Security, there won't be anything left for their generation, warns Paul. He earns a tumultuous [University of New Hampshire] hand by vowing, "I would absolutely never use the federal government to enforce a law against anybody using marijuana." The federal government has no legal authority for its war on drugs, he declares.

A lot of young people don't like hypocrisy. And the war on drugs is built on hypocrisy. And deceit. Of course, some young people are potheads, too. So they may like him just for that.

In any event, I'll add that to my list of "things I like about Ron Paul." (But in the end, he still won't get my vote - he's still a Republican...).

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