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Ron Paul raises $3.5 million on Nov. 5th

Speaking of Guy Fawkes... The Ron Paul campaign raised over $3.5 million dollars on November 5th. The campaign, and its grass roots supporters, used the symbolism of Guy Fawkes Day to encourage supporters to donate money to support his insurgent campaign. You should check out some of the home made "donate to Ron Paul on Nov. 5th" clips on YouTube. Lots of V for Vendetta references, too.

The Ron Paul story ain't over yet...

Update: This article says it was more than $4.2 million from over 37,000 donors. That's Obama fundraising territory...



The next "large goal" Ron Paul fundrasier has begun, it's Called "ThisNewYearsDay" and the date is January first to raise 5 million dollars from 50,000 donations of 100+. The Fundrasiers group also have links to other ROn Paul Fundraising efforts, so lets keep the momentum going.

Alex Merced - A Civil Paultard
ThisNewYearsDay - A Ron Paul Fundraiser

Hi Alex,

Can you explain to me what a "Civil Paultard" is? And I won't make the "is that like a retard?" joke... but did I by simply acknowledging its existence? ;-)

Really, it's a question I ask seriously... Thanks in advance for your response.

It was a derrogatory term made by some blogs to refer to RP fans, so me and few others have been making an effort to just sort of "take the word away" by embracing our paultardness.

Other Heavily used Paul terms I've seen are Paulistinians, Paulites, Ronulans, and many more.

Again, round up of upcoming fundraisers.

Hey Guys,

4.2 million dollars is only the beginning and there are already many dates organized as special Ron Paul fundraising dates. I thought I'd put put together a round up of different campaigns and their financial goals.

- ThisNovember11th.com: The Goal is to reach 1 million dollars on November 11th, Veterans Day

- TeaParty07.com/SignBomb.com: This wants to raise 10 million dollars on the weekend of December 15/16th in celebration of the anniversary of the Tea Party

- ThisNewYearsDay: The links to this campaign is down below in my sig. This ones goal is to have a strong day 1 of quarter 1 2008. So here everyone is trying to raise 5 million dollars from 50,000 donations on January 1st, 2008.

ThisNewYearsDay - A Ron Paul Fundraiser

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