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Rudy's New Ad - I Kicked New York's Ass

Rudy Giuliani has a new ad out and the premise is this: New York sucked until I became Mayor and then I beat it into the gleaming jewel that it is today.
Rudy Giuliani Campaign Ad

A bit different from this 1993 ad featuring the ex-wife and kids who don't speak to him anymore.

'93 Giuliani ad with Donna Hanover and kids

Via Salon's War Room



He has really lost a lot of hair since that '93 ad (not to mention losing his wife and the respect of his kids). Do you think he just had a pretty good comb over at the time?

As someone who lived in NYC while that monkey was Mayor, I can say it's totally unfair for him to claim that he single handedly turned New York around. That's garbage. NYC benefited from a soaring peace time economy and a drop in violent crime that the rest of the country did - it had nothing to do with the quality of his leadership. Nobody I knew thought he was good mayor. The only reason he got elected a second time was because the Dems, for whatever reason, couldn't field a decent candidate.

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