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Schumer and Feinstein will vote to confirm Mukasey

Any chance of blocking the Mukasey confirmation are dead with this news. In defending her support for Mukasey, Feinstein said "first and foremost, Michael Mukasey is not Alberto Gonzales." The statement from Schumer is a little better:

I deeply oppose [waterboarding]. Unfortunately, this nominee, indeed any proposed by President Bush, will not agree with this. I am, however, confident that this nominee would enforce a law that bans waterboarding.

A disappointing cave by both of them. I was hoping the Democrats on the Judiciary committee would stand strong and block the Mukasey nomination from moving to the floor. But who can stand against the eloquent prose the President used to defend Mukasey? On Friday, on his way to a fundraiser, the President said:

He's a good man. He's a fair man. He's an independent man, and he's plenty qualified to be attorney general.

"Plenty qualified?" Didn't this guy go to Yale? And Harvard? And wasn't he the head chearleader at Andover during prep school? How often do you think he said "plenty qualified" back then?

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