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Sullivan: Who Can Trust Rudy?

Damn, Andrew Sullivan puts the smackdown on Rudy regarding the various emerging stories of impropriety:

Look: if you're cheating on your wife, you need two security details. Of course, one is going to be hush-hush. And the tax-payer foots the bill. A simple question: How does any sane person trust the power of the presidency with this money-raking friend of mobbed-up Kerik and accused child-molester Placa?

One of the many, many issues conservatives have with the Bush administration (on top of abandoning conservative values and shocking incompetence) is the rash of graft and fraud that's taken place in Washington DC since Republicans captured all houses of government. If nothing else, stories like this dampen any enthusiasm Rudy has among those willing to look past ideological differences in favor of a guy who can "get things done."

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