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Your kid got ADHD? Get him some weed!

Reason.tv is also highlighting this gem: A Keith Olbermann interview from 2006 with Dr. Claudia Jensen, who advocates for using cannabis as a treatment for ADD and ADHD instead of Ritalin, which is basically speed. And she has some credibility: She was a pediatrician and instructor at University of Southern California before she died. Here's a choice quote from the interview:

Smoking marijuana has such a short duration – it only lasts an hour and a half to two hours. Plus there's the stigma of the child smoking anything. But smoking pot is a difficult social issue to deal with. When they ingest cannabinoids or cannabis compounds, for example marijuana, it lasts a lot longer. They can get all the way through the day with a single cannabis cookie or a piece of toast with cannabis peanut butter in it in the morning before school. They don't have to get stoned – it's dose related. But they do get the benefit of being able to focus, pay attention. Not be impulsive. Not be angry. Be peaceful and relaxed. And pay attention in school, which helps them get better grades. Which is the important issue.

Why couldn't she have been my pediatrician? Watch the video clip:

So consider this a Friday video fun triple play: 3 great videos for the price of one! I bet you feel smarter already...



Yes, cannabis stikes again!

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