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Bush Thwarted in 12 Seconds

Exercising a procedural maneuver to derail a constitutional loophole, Senate Democrats have been calling a series of pro forma sessions that ensures the President doesn't slide in any recess appointments while Congress is away on holiday break. The latest was a 12 second session called by Democrat Jack Reed of Rhode Island. Reed was the only Senator in attendance. According to CNN, that was but one second longer than Jim Webb's led stint behind the gavel.

"During the session last week, Sen. Jim Webb, D-Virginia, opened and then immediately gaveled the Senate session to a close. Wednesday's session lasted for 11 seconds. In all, he spent 57 seconds in the chamber."

Gotta love procedural gamemanship when the nation's at war but if this is what it takes to keep Bush from appointing Steven Bradbury as the permanent head of the Office of Legal Counsel at the Justice Department, I'll take it.

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