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He Got Game

Sports Illustrated has a photo montage of Barack Obama on the court and also this walk down memory lane on the candidate's induction into phi slamma jamma:

Asked how it felt the first time he dunked on a 10-foot basket, he says, ''That was big. Sixteen [years old]: I still remember the day that it first happened, one of those magical days when you're just in a zone... I was on the single-A team, and at the end of practice I was just raining down threes; I went and took a half-court shot and it went in. This friend of mine, Larry Tavares -- I still remember, but of course he wouldn't -- he was shagging balls for me and I said, 'You know what? I bet I can dunk today; I'm feeling good.' and I took it and went.... (he mimics throwing a ball down). I did it about two more times, and that was about it.''

Can't wait to see him stuff it on the GOP.

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