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Obama Surges Among Indies

A new Research 2000 poll has some interesting numbers coming from New Hampshire. The poll has Obama edging Hillary now with 32% to her 31%, which is a statistically meaningless number except when you look at two things: Hillary had double-digit leads in New Hampshire (then considered her "firewall") just a couple months ago; and Barack Obama is wiping the floor with her among Independents, who picked Obama by a margin of 40% to 23%.

Obama's appeal—and frankly, Hillary's tepid support—among Independents has always been the heart of the campaign. He's the one candidate on either side of the field who is attracting NEW voters and lapsed Democrats. Ironically, he's the least triangulated on the issues, which shows that people are willing to disagree with you and still cast their vote in your direction if they feel you're positions are genuine. That may have more to do with perception than anything else, but it's a key "nagative" for Hillary Clinton.




I think with undecideds and independants in NH Obama is looking more like the vote for change and Hillary's starting to come off as just another part of the current system. Could inexperience actually get him the nom?

JB, you're from that area. What';s the temperature among your parents, siblings, neighbors?

Most of my family are Republicans and seem for the most part still undecided though I'd put it at a toss up between Romney, the neighbor to the south, and McCain, technically it's his turn isn't it? The only other Dem in my family is my sister who I believe is backing Hillary. The consensus I got while home in NH for the holidays as far as the Dem vote goes is that people want to vote for Hillary because she's a woman and seemingly the anit-Bush, but the current campaigning and rhetoric are pulling more and more to Obama. New Englander's love straight talk above all and Hillary can come off as too much of an insider to really jibe with the breakfast crowd in Milford or Manchester.

Hillary is the anti-Bush. Now, that's funny on a number of levels...

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