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Quote of the Day re: CIA Tapes

Quote of the Day:
"If A Tape Is Not Safe In The CIA, We're In Trouble"
--Former CIA Assistant General Counsel John Radsan

The guy makes an excellent point in refuting the nonsense that the CIA had to destroy interrogation tapes to protect the identities of agents involved.

There was no indication that they wanted to share this with anybody. If they are worried about a leak, the CIA protects a lot of classified information. If you have tapes in an overseas location, then have the tapes moved back to headquarters as Ms. Jackson-Lee said, put it in a safe in the Director's office. If a tape is not safe in the CIA, in the office of the Director of the CIA, we're in trouble.

Seriously, if they can't keep track of fucking video tapes over there maybe it's time we shut the whole thing down.

VIA ThinkProgress



I would buy that.

Arguments for abolishing the CIA range from "They have their own agenda" to "They protect the administration too much."

Maybe both are reason enough.

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