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Romney's Dad Built the Pyramids

There are lots of reasons to hate the blogoshpere. There's a lot of weirdo bullshit out there, especially when it comes to politics. But there's also a lot of really funny one-liners floating about, and that's what I love about this new medium.

Case in Point:
Talking Points Memo's zinger on Mitt Romney's claim to have "seen" his father march with Dr. Martin Luther King in Grosse Pointe, Michigan in the 60s. We could dissect the various problems with old Mitt's claim, not the least of which seems to be the fact that there's no record of Dr. King having ever been to Grosse Pointe, nevermind marching there, but I'd rather focus on funny lines meant to cast Romney as the tool we all know he really is.

TPM Headline: My Dad Sailed With Columbus

I love it.

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