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A Poll of the Polls: Obama Leads Big Time

Three major polls show Barack Obama leading Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire just one day before this crucial early primary. What was once considered Clinton's "firewall" is now a clear toss-up and leaning toward Obama.

  • Zogby has Obama up by ten;
  • Rasmussen also has Obama up by ten;
  • And a new CNN/University of New Hampshire poll concurs.

    These are all well beyond the margin of error and show strong trending for Obama among women and independent voters. Will New Hampshire be a replay of Iowa? If it is, it could propel Obama into the bigger primaries with an air of inevitability that used to be the exclusive domain of Hillary Clinton.

    UPDATE: USA Today puts Obama up by a baker's dozen.

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    yes but the daily presidential tracking poll


    shows that Obama hasn't gotten much traction despite the recent developments

    what those polls do show is that Edwards has climbed nationally from 16-17 to 23%, indicating that the more that people are exposed to his message, the more support he receives.

    Now that the media has a ginormous hard-on for Obama, which will thus color the media coverage narrative, perhaps Edwards will not climb further. Maybe the trend will continue, that as Hillary loses support, Edwards will gain, while Obama will continue to fluctuate around 25%.

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