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Clinton loses South Carolina, continues race baiting

Yesterday, Barack Obama handed a stinging defeat to Hillary Clinton in South Carolina. Not that anyone expected Obama to lose, of course, but the margins were huge. More what I expected to see in New Hampshire and didn't. Obama beat Clinton by 28 percentage points, with twice as many Democrats voting for him as for her.

And voter turnout was record breaking. Some perspective: Obama got more votes than McCain and Huckabee combined.

In response to a question about losing South Carolina - with the Clintons tag teaming Obama - Bill Clinton said "Jesse Jackson won South Carolina in '84 and '88. Jackson ran a good campaign. And Obama ran a good campaign here." Losing with grace. That's what I like about the Clintons.

In other Obama news: Caroline Kennedy, JFK's daughter, endorses Barack Obama. And the Obama camp says it was getting about $500,000 an hour in donations post-South Carolina.

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