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Edwards for AG?

WAPO has a story about the mounting whisper campaign to put John Edwards in the running for Attorney General in whatever Democratic administration (God willing) is sworn in next January. Given his track record in the primaries, I thin k we can all agree that the top job is not his, but I have to say I am intrigued by the idea of Edwards leading the Justice department. He has a strong record as a litigator and seems hell bent on spending the rest of his career somehow facing down fat cats. What better way to do that than with the full weight and force of the DOJ?

That leads me to ask: what's your 2009 dream team? I don't have many of my squares filled, but I'll kick it off:
President of the United States: Barack Obama
Vice President: TBD
Secretary of State Joe Biden
Secretary of the Treasury TBD
Secretary of Defense TBD
Attorney General John Edwards
Secretary of the Interior TBD
Secretary of Agriculture TBD
Secretary of Commerce TBD
Secretary of Labor TBD
Secretary of Health and Human Services TBD
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development TBD
Secretary of Transportation TBD
Secretary of Energy TBD
Secretary of Education TBD
Secretary of Veterans Affairs TBD
Secretary of Homeland Security TBD

Current cabinet after the jump, for your reference...


For reference, here's the sitting class:
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice
Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson
Secretary of Defense Robert Gates
Attorney General Michael Mukasey
Secretary of the Interior Dirk Kempthorne
Secretary of Agriculture Chuck Conner (acting)
Secretary of Commerce Carlos Gutierrez
Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao
Secretary of Health and Human Services Michael Leavitt
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Alphonso Jackson
Secretary of Transportation Mary Peters
Secretary of Energy Samuel Bodman
Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings
Secretary of Veterans Affairs James Peake
Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff


Here's the nasty question:

Assuming Obama is the nominee, who do you replace him with when he gets assassinated in October by a right-wing whack job?

They're already calling Demcrats everything from communists to terrorists. How long until some hillbilly gets paranoid enough to take "defense" of America into his own hands?


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