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Edwards: Out

The AP is reporting that John Edwards is dropping out of the presidential race today. It comes as little surprise as he hasn't won a single primary or caucus and was having a tough time distinguishing himself from the higher profile Obama and Clinton.

I'm surprised he's dropping out now though. I figured he'd position for the VP spot again and staying in would mean siphoning votes from someone else, thus endearing yourself to the remaining candidate (see Mike Huckabee and McCain's newfound friendship). Edwards had trouble carrying southern states (including his home) in 2004 though so the idea of another VP run is maybe not so great.

The central theme to his campaign was the Two Americas in which there are the Haves (with jobs, health insurance, quality education, and retirement options) and the Have-Nots (everybody else). It's an important message and one that I hope somebody else picks up as we move beyond Super Tuesday and eventually into the general election. With foreclosures at a record in 2007, home ownership overall at it's lowest in decades, non-service industry jobs evaporating, and healthcare vanishing for upwards of 40 million Americans...someone should be talking about this stuff.



I agree that Edwards message needs to be a major part of the next administration, hopefully he can secure a cabinet position. Now where do all the Edwards faithful go? Hope or Experience?

Since Edwards appealed more to progressives than centrists, i think his supporters break for Obama. I'll be interested to see if he endorses a candidate.

Jobs, health insurance, quality education, and retirement options are concerns for Haves AND Have nots. Edwards made some very salient points about these things, and the Democrats will probably walk away with the election (provided they don't complacently stay home)--but I hope they never go back to the "Haves/Have Nots" rhetoric.

I do hope Edwards gets a cabinet position out of this.

You've got to wonder what kind of calls the Edwards camp is getting right now from surrogates on both sides. I hope Teddy Kennedy is putting in some calls to Edwards to convince him to back Obama. Maybe we'll see an endorsement announcement on Monday?

There's talk of Edwards for AG.

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