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Effort to disenfranchise Nevada voters fails

Good news for Obama and culinary union workers in Nevada: The lawsuit filed by the Nevada State Education Association that challenged "at-large" caucuses has been dismissed. According to the Judge, James Mahan:

State Democrats have a First Amendment right to association, to assemble and to set their own rules ... We aren't voting here, we're caucusing. That's something that parties decide ... [it is] up to the national party and the state party to promulgate these rules and enforce them.

It was a bold attempt to disenfranchise a segment of voters whose union supports Obama's candidacy, but it failed. And that means the Nevada caucuses are still wide open - polls suggest Obama and Clinton are neck and neck.

Now the only thing Nevadans have to worry about are knife wielding, foaming at the mouth Democrats slashing tires to stop people from caucusing. Those America hating lunatics!

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