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Good Fences, Good Neighbors

Remember all the hullabaloo around the fence the Department of Homeland Security wants to build along the southern border with Mexico? The rationale was that it would stop terrorists, curb the drug trade, and make those border towns safer for their [legal] residents. Well, the idea doesn't seem to be ringing with those residents it's supposed to protect. In fact, they don't want the fence at all...at least not in their own backyard.

CNN is reporting that the DHS is moving forward with construction of the fence despite strong opposition from local community leaders and residents. One such resident, Eloisa Tamez, says she'll fight to the end to keep federal surveyors off the property that was deeded to her family by the Spanish government in 1767.

"It is my history. It is my heritage," Tamez said.

For his part, DHS chief Michael Chertoff seems nonplussed.

"Can we simply abandon an enterprise because it is a problem for a particular individual?" Chertoff told CNN. "I don't think I can accept that."

So, if the folks right there on the "front line" against illegal immigration don't even want a fence, why should we believe it's anything but a boondoggle?

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