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Iowa: Tuna Surprise

Rolling Stone's Tim Dickinson lists off the five surprises that shouldn't surprise you when the Iowa caucuses wrap up tonight:

1) John Edwards Wins Going Away
2) Hillary Clinton Comes in Third
3) Mitt Romney Springboards Toward Inevitability
4) Ron Paul Clips McCain
5) The Youth Vote Makes All The Difference

He has reasoned arguments for each but I find the last a bit hard to swallow. We've heard about this fabled youth vote since George McGovern was sipping Harvey Wallbangers with Hunter S. Thompson and they have NEVER materialized. Dickinson thinks Obama has the juice to get these lazy kids off their asses, but you're not asking them to simply go to a polling station and vote. They need to go hang out in a library or VFW hall with a bunch of weirdo politics junkies who are harassing you to stand under their sign. Would you rather do that or play another round of Guitar Hero?

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