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Militant gays and their agenda for world domination

Those gays... why do they hate America so much? Why do they want to fundamentally alter the American way of life with their crazy alternative lifestyles?

That was me channeling Jim Talent, former Senator from Missouri. He got his ass handed to him by Claire McCaskill in the 2006 election, and is now a senior advisor to the Romney campaign. He was on MSNBC last night defending Romney's flip flopping on gay rights, and spewing the usual, unsupportable talking points on gay Americans and their threat to traditional values. Here's what he had to say:

[Romney] values gay people as people, but he doesn't want the militant gays to be able to change the cultural institutions of the country.

Those militant gays! They're so... militant! Every time I hear that garbage, I can't help but marvel that this passes for political discourse in this country.

Of course, it also made me think of this Monty Python skit:

If there's one reason to repeal the Second Amendment, it should be to stop militant gays from launching a gay insurrection in this country and destroying the American way of life...

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