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New Hampshirites: Obama wins debate

Last night's debate was Hilary Clinton's only opportunity to counter Obama's momentum before the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday. These New Hampshirites say Obama prevailed in last night's debate:

I don't like Frank Luntz, but he's good at these focus groups. There was great news for Obama in this focus group, and bad news for both Clinton and Edwards. At one point, he asked for a show of hands for who supported Clinton earlier in the campaign, and who supported her now. Big show of hands for who used to, barely a handful that do now. Similar for Edwards - a good number supporting earlier, but no more than the 2 or 3 who still do in this group.

This can only be good for Obama. He's getting huge turnout at his appearances - 1,500 to 2,500 people versus 600 for Clinton, according to an MSNBC reporter in New Hampshire. And post-Iowa polls are showing Clinton and Obama neck and neck, or with Obama ahead by as many as 10 points. New Hampshire is his to lose. If he wins, I think he's got the nomination.

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