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Obama and Clinton in NH: What will the spread be?

it's pretty clear that Obama is going to stomp Clinton in New Hampshire. They expect record turnout - 500,000+ voters - the weather is good (60 degrees), and 45% of voters are independents. Those are all good signs for Obama. So the question becomes, by how many percentage points will Obama win? If I was a betting man, I'd put my money on Obama to win by 23 percentage points, maybe more. Why? No reason other than my glee for my candidate's success, what the polls have been suggesting, and the increasing stupidity of the Clinton campaign. Making a negative comparison between MLK and LBJ, with Clinton as LBJ, and Obama as MLK, isn't going to win her any votes. And that's just one of the stupid things she said yesterday.

What do you think the spread is going to be?

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