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Obama Melting Conservative Hearts

Rod Dreher, a conservative editorial columnist for the Dallas Morning News, gets Obama fever and declares that our man from Illinois is the Democrats' Reagan.

Now, that's not more of the Clintons' lame attempt to paint Obama as some sort of Ronnie Worshipper. Dreher sees Obama as being the kind of leader for the Democrats who transforms the party and mobilizes vast untapped masses to a wider vision. But you have to get to the top of the heap before you can lead the masses, right? Yes, and Dreher says that if Obama gets the nomination he will win the presidency big time.

... if this man gets his party's nomination, he's going to be the next president. By a landslide. And he is going to transform this country. If I were a Republican, I'd be very, very afraid. Oh wait, I am a Republican. Dang. Lord have mercy, I wish that man were a conservative. Because there's no doubt in my mind about what he can accomplish for liberalism if he's elected...Look, I don't want a man who believes the things Barack Obama believes to be president. But I've got to confess, he makes me proud of my country. When's the last time you heard from a politician that made you proud of your country?

Cynics who see Obama as nothing more than a slick neophyte with a gift for gab should take heed. This is what the rest of us see.

VIA Andrew Sullivan



All I can say is I'm trying very hard not be giddy or too hopeful. But my mind is reeling.

That whole line about conservatives running scared...Obama making us proud to be Americans...a a la Reagan...

GAHHHH!!! I'm feeling woozy! 2 good2B troo!

Can you imagine: John Edwards/or Hillary as VP

Joe Biden Sec of State

John Edwards or (gasp) Rudy Giuliani as Attorney General

I mean I'm probably jinxing it here...


As I watched the CNN coverage of the SC returns, and Obama's speech that followed, one of the commentators noted that Obama was Reaganesque in his ability to connect with people and deliver a message that people can believe in.

Jude, if Obama can maintain that "Reagan of the democrats" image, he'll have it sewn up.

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