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Obama Supporter Busted

Major Obama fundraiser, Tony Rezko was busted in Chicago by federal agents Monday after his $2 million bail was revoked. A hearing with a US District Court judge was closed to reporters but Rezko is charged in a 24-count indictment with pressuring businesses seeking work before two state regulatory boards to make campaign contributions and payoffs.

The Rezko name has been lurking in the shadows for much of Obama's campaign and got some national exposure this week when Hillary Clinton brought him up in a recent debate. A photo of Hillary and Bill Clinton with Rezko later surfaced, causing some slight embarrassment but quickly brushed off by the campaign as one of thousands of photos with Democratic supporters taken with the Clintons.

Obama recently gave away tens of thousands of dollars raised by Rezko and associates and had to answer some uncomfortable questions about the sale of his family home to Rezko. Obama's not accused of any wrongdoing but has admitted an error in judgement with the sale.

While this might put a minor stain on the otherwise spotless Obama record it's nothing in Chicago politics. Rezko is also a major fundraiser for Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich. They don't call this the City that Works for nothing...



This Rezko thing is so weak, and it makes the Clintons look even worse.

My only concern: can the delegates add up for Obama? Or does campaign chest beat all?

So far, the delegates have added up. Obama still leads on total delegates thanks to Florida not counting. No surpirse the Clinton camp is demanding the Florida delegates get seated (and I think they ultimately will), but that means some fall for Obama too.

Hell of a primary season this year...

Hell of a primary season indeed. I only hope it could fill the void between the Superbowl and Opening Day.

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