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Richardson out, Kerry and Johnson endorse Obama

Bill Richardson - one of the most experienced candidates in the Democratic primary - has announced he's dropping out of the race. No indication if or who he will endorse for the nomination. Edwards said nice things about him, probably hoping it will be him:

He was a very good candidate, a serious candidate ... I congratulate him. He ought to be proud of what he's done.

No sign Edwards is planning drop out, though. He's in it for the "long haul."

In other election news Senator Tim Johnson (D-SD) has endorsed Obama for president, saying he can "bridge the differences" between the parties. And in what can only be considered a blow to the Edwards campaign, John Kerry - his running mate from 2004 - has announced he will endorse Obama as well.

With Johnson and Kerry stepping into the ring, other Senators are bound to follow soon. And maybe we'll see an endorsement from Al Gore soon?

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