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Thompson Out

Someone finally woke Fred Thompson up long enough for him to quit the race. The man who was just this summer seen as a possible savior of conservative values for the Republican party maintained a spotty campaign schedule, raised little cash, and did little more than inject some occasional homespun asides and boilerplate conservative platitudes to the debates. The candidate who never was got out-Fred Thompsoned by a weird little governor from Arkansas.

Adios, Fred. Your jammies are ready.



hehee. Now the conservatives are going to have to really commit.

They just can't countenance McCain, which would probably blow the election for him;

They'd have to make peace with Rudy's pecadillos and "liberal" record, though they admire his toughness;

They can probably get behind Romney easier--although that pesky Mormon business rattles the Godbags.

"Godbags" I love that.

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