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Too close to call at 9:44 PM

With 47% of precincts reporting, Clinton has a significant edge of 4,336 votes in her advantage. It could still go either way, but not at all what I expected. Like Iowa, I thought the polls were off base in Obama's favor. I thought his lead would be huge (23% or more). Not so. Looks like the polls were off, but in Clinton's favor. It could still go either way, and I hope it breaks Obama's way, but Clinton has held a solid lead throughout the precinct reporting tonight.

I probably won't stay up until they call a victor or the precinct reporting is finished. But I hope I wake up to a Obama victory. We'll see. Either way, the Democratic race isn't over yet.



what the hell is wrong with (NH) people??

No one want's to make a girl cry.

i'm not a hillary supporter, although in this case i think folks are taking the whole crying thing a bit too far. She didn't cry, first of all. And we've seen lots of male politicians actually cry--Bob Dole, George HW Bush, others...
so what's the big deal?
Remember, this is not a delicate flower of a lady--she stood there stoic-faced for two years after being publicly humiliated by her husband's extra-marital BJ... She's certainly already more than proven her emotional strength for gods sake. Considering how the press jumped all over her on this, I think the NH women saw the double standard she's up against.

The big deal is that before that moment Hillary seemed like another stiff, closed off Washington insider looking to regain her 90's glory days. It was a pivital hamanizing moment that I think had a lot to do with swaying undecideds back to Hillary. Any you're right, she didn't cry, but what she did was finally let her guard down and act like a real person. To use Joe Klein's analogy from "Politics Lost" it was Hillary's 'Turnip Day'.

absolutely it was her turnip day moment. But all anyone talked about in the press was how it would probably hurt her, not help her. they were ready to skewer her for it. I think NH just said, wait a minute, not so fast. We're the deciders.

And if she had actually started crying this would have turned into Howard Dean all over agian. The press got it right by showing it as important, they just spun it wrong, emotion = crying, and assumed the gruff and hardened residents of New Hampshre would pounce all over her for seeming weak. It was a good, honest moment that fortunately for Hillary got the job done. Now the question is how long will this preception of Hillary last?

who knows? but it looks to be a longer contest that i thought it was going to be a week ago.
barack looked a bit stunned that he was giving a concession speech. it will be interesting to see how he handles himself from here on out as well, can he take a few knocks and still pop back up?
He was an idiot for taking his name off the Michigan ballot. Hillary won't campaign here, but keeping her name on the ballot was the shrewder move, especially now with her NH win.

Overconfidence is the greatest sin in politics. Americans love nothing better than to slap the smirk off somebody's face.

It's partly our twit national press, who (thanks to constant demand for content, probably) have long since given up reporting for "analysis."

I think journalism is a noble calling, but by and large, between the entire Bush presidency (during war briefings I actually felt sorry for Bush and his generals due to all uninformed and leading questions) and election coverage, I find their performance embarrassing.

I realize that both parties' primaries are anyone's guess, but watching these people flock to an opinion with such a herd-like mentality ("Hillary's unstoppable!" "Obama's a steamroller!") is disgraceful.

They buy the hype, then disseminate it.

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