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10 in a row, over 500,000 donors in 2008. So far...

Barack Obama delivered two more stinging defeats to Hillary Clinton last night. She responded with an absolutely ungracious attack on his ability to inspire Democrats and other Americans in a speech in Ohio. So the Obama campaign decided to start his victory speech early, and all the networks cut away from Clinton and over to Obama in Houston. The difference between the two crowds - one in a stadium, the other in a high school auditorium - and their enthusiasm spoke volumes.

It's over for Hillary Clinton. Her campaign just hasn't faced up to that truth yet. So they'll ratchet up the negative attacks over the next two weeks in order to try and salvage her campaign. But it won't work, as we saw last night in Wisconsin. Ohio or Texas may go her way, but just barely, and it won't be enough to catch up to Obama's lead in pledged delegates. And over the next two weeks, I bet we'll see more superdelegates go Obama's way - whether currently uncommitted or in the Clinton camp.

And what can one say about the groundswell of small donor support Obama has continued to build? As of 10 AM this morning, over 501,000 people have donated to Obama's campaign (including myself) in 2008 alone. Nothing like that has ever occurred before. Obama pulled in over $36 million (updated from $32 million) in January, 90% of which was from small donors. That is staggering in and of itself. This man is likely to be the next president of the United States - unless the Republicans are able to pull out all the stops with fearmongering, swiftboating, voter suppression, and their other not so democratic tactics. I'm hopeful, though, that it won't be successful. And in January 2009 we'll see our first Democratic president of the new century.

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