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Andrew Sullivan: A Boomer for Obama

Andrew Sullivan gets an earful from a Boomer reader who takes exception to Sullivan's recent article in the Atlantic that casts Barack Obama as the cure for the Baby Boomer gangrene that has dominated American politics since at least 1968.


...I will say it's Barack and Michelle who are the real conservatives--the ones who are conserving the core American dream, the core American values. 90% of the crap that passes as "conservatism" today is nothing more than that same reactionary nightmare we suffered through in the 60's, whose roots go back into the Civil War and beyond, and whose latest generations of practitioners have done all they could these past many years to quash the liberal impulse. The genius of Obama--and it is a spiritual genius--is he quiets that old nightmare. He lifts us beyond. He wakes us up, brings us together--the true opposite to Bush and Rove, who drove us deeper into drugged sleep and division, day by day. That was your point in "Goodbye to All That", and it was well said. But don't blame the Boomers--left or right--for a war that's been going on forever. And don't underestimate the sleeping giant we Boomers--especially we liberal Boomers--represent. We have not forgotten our dreams.

Dare to dream, man.

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