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Ann Coulter loves Hillary, hates McCain

This is a significant milestone: The first time I watched a clip of Ann Coulter commenting on an issue without my head exploding. Which isn't to say I agreed with her, but it was certainly entertaining without any bile rising in my throat.

Last night on Hannity and Combs, she described why she hates the idea of a McCain candidacy so much, and plans to vote for Hillary Clinton in a hypothetical McCain vs. Clinton match up. Watch it. It's delicious:

Now, I'm not a McCain fan by any means, and he's abandoned his "straight talk" express for the "whatever it takes" express, but he's relatively tolerable for a Republican. I myself would never vote for him, but a McCain vs. Clinton race is the only scenario where I see a possible Republican win. So I won't turn away Ann's vote, if it comes to that. What's really interesting are the reasons Hannity and Coulter count off for why McCain isn't a "real" conservative:

  • McCain doesn't hate non-white immigrants, like most Republicans do;
  • McCain doesn't support "free speech," which in Republican speak means that he supports reasonable limits on campaign financing;
  • McCain doesn't believe Americans should torture prisoners, and believes we should close Guantanamo;
  • McCain doesn't rabidly support tax cuts under any and all circumstances (Republicans view a progressive tax structure as "class warfare");
  • McCain doesn't support drilling in ANWAR (which, over its productive lifetime, would provide about enough oil to feed the U.S. oil juggernaut for about a week).

This is why I find it hard to believe that some on the left still see no difference between the two parties. Anyway, you should really watch it. Ann also makes a good case for why Obama should be the Democratic nominee, and not the Clintons (though she does that inadvertently). There's more to say, but I gotta get back to work...

PS - I also thought about calling this post "Ann Coulter wants to have like 10 million of Hillary Clinton's babies" - who doesn't love a good American Beauty reference? - but decided against it. I don't want to get anywhere near the "Hillary is a lesbian" meme. But it's one of my all time favorite movie lines...



If it were up to me, I would strike all references to this person from history. Every time anyone mentions her name, she earns a dollar.

Jake: Do you mean Ann Coulter? :-) I think I just put another dollar in her pocket! She should spend the money on food.

My political schadenfreude is at an all time high. Every day brings delicious new word of "conservative" disarray and disillusion.

That McCain can't cut it as a "conservative," why, how it does amuse me so!

I fear the delightful prospect of AC voting HRC is too thrilling to bear! I can hardly stand it!

That Mitt Romney has become their last bastion of hope--well, it sends schadenfreuding shivers down my spine!

Can the Reagan Revolution be over? Can it be true? Alas, I fear it is merely a time for regrouping, redefinition of imperialistic goals, and playing nice.

Of course, it may take 8 years! But if the Mayans are correct, history will end in 2012--so we've got that going for us.

Which is nice.

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