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Good News is Good News for Obama

Obama Supporter - From Andrew Sullivan's Daily Dish Blog
The battle for the news cycle on the eve of Super Tuesday is so far in Obama's hands. The biggest stories all focus on his elimination of Hillary Clinton's double-digit lead in California. Other big stories include:

  • The Dead Reuniting in Support of Obama
  • Nation's Largest Spanish language Newspaper Endorses Obama
  • LA Times Endorses Obama
  • Obama tied or leading in most national polls
  • Momentum is a beautiful thing but managing expectations is almost as important. I hope the Obama campaign learned its lesson in New Hampshire and is out hustling to make sure Clinton can't spin Obama's surge as a foregone conclusion. It's key that he maintain the excitement and enthusiasm building around his campaign and the Clintons are masters of manipulating results to stem momentum.

    UPDATE: Looks like the message came through loud and clear. Politico has a brief post on the lengths Obama advisors are going to in maintaining expectations:

    "We need rough parity," [advisor David Axelrod] said, defining that as a margin within 100 delegates. "We are really doing the math now, more than we are looking for symbolic victories."

    "We will win states," he said.

    He added that a California win would be "miraculous," and that "early voting will be a huge barrier."


    "...California, which Clinton led by 25 points in October and 12 points two weeks ago, was once seen as the Clinton campaign's firewall and where they planned to run up an insurmountable lead in delegates. Former Governor Gray Davis, a Clinton supporter, said on MSNBC last week, "I am pleased to be for Hillary Clinton and I expect her to do very well in Super Tuesday. I expect her to win California by a sizable amount, at least double digits, do well in New York and New Jersey and Connecticut."

    Based on her huge head start, Hillary Clinton should still win California, but is unlikely to achieve her goal of getting a sizeable share of the delegates." --David Plouffe



    Momentum? Obama needs O-mentum!

    Though we were unable to get Jude to Arizona last night to improve the New England defensive line, I'm certain that if we can just get him to CA by 6 AM tomorrow he will insure an Obama win. Dude's got powers.

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