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(Low) Class Warfare

Now here's an interesting tactic: a conservative blog engages in the dreaded liberal practice of "class warfare" to bash John Cougar Mellencamp, who recently asked John McCain to refrain from using Mellencamp's song "This is Our Country" at campaign events. The poster takes special care to highlight the fact that Mellencamp is a millionaire who backed another millionaire (John Edwards) earlier this year. Why the economic stability of Mellencamp and Edwards have anything to do with McCain using a song over which Mellencamp holds creative license and copyright (something a pro-business, pro-property rights conservative would certainly defend) is unclear except to bait other conservatives into dropping their beliefs in order to rail against someone with whom they disagree.

But that would imply situational ethics and morals, and we all know that is not what conservatives stand for...



Don Surber is a blithering idiot. He's a perfect example of a right-winger who simply makes shit up and believes whatever he wants to, objective analysis be damned.

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